Monday, November 29, 2010

Look Into My Eyes...

How could I hurt u...
Pliss forgive me.......
I don't mean it.... :-( "
Sis, i'm very sorry.... 
I know, I don't deserve to get your love..
but, I'm very thankful to god b'coz I had given an opportunity to love you..
even though, it's just for a while..
Since you came into my life, from that I know how great to have a sister..

"Sis... I'm regret to know you..!!!!!!!
I always make you sad..
but that's not the reasons why I'm always beside you..
I'm really hope that I could make you laugh every seconds.."
If I can't be your friend whose always beside you..
can I be your little guardian...??
No...?? Why..??
Ok fine... can you just let me be your shadow..
as long as I can be by your side..
b'coz.....I......LOVE YOU...!!!!


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