Friday, December 24, 2010

My Life Without U is Meaningless...

I heard she cried
Then I asked her, “why r u crying?”..
She said,”nope!! I didn’t cry at all..”
The ‘things’ on her face?? That tears?? What does it mean??
Are u ok??

Today she smile..
Oh my god!! I fall in love with her smile..
I love that moment..
“can u smile for me every day, every minutes, every seconds??”..
Then, she keep smiling at me..
She touch my cheek.. and that face..
Ya.. I like her face at that time..
“am I dreaming??”…
Yup! It’s not a dream and.... I’m happy..!!!!

“Nah.. this is for u..”
“What’s this...??”
“Just open it…”..
“But why?? For what r u giving me this…..?”…
“I’m giving u my heart... Because u teach me the meaning of life.. and u teach me how great of this feeling and make my life so wonderful, colorful n meaningful.. ya.. I Love U Sis…!! “
-Without U, Everything Is Meaningless..-